Monday, April 7, 2014

Who Do You Walk For?

Who Do You Walk For? I walk for THIS GUY!
Saturday, the MS walk was a little overwhelming. We had about 30 people that walked in honor of Josh. I am pretty sure we were the team with the most strollers, too. The support we received from friends and family was amazing.
Of course, we forgot some things for the lunch afterward, but oh well. We still had a great time with the fellowship of our friends and family.

I have decided that Jack is a ninja. Every time I looked up, he was gone. I am very thankful for our cousin, Kristyn. She made it her mission to keep up with him. He was perfectly fine with because she is his favorite:)

I am going to dump some pictures on here from the walk.

Happy Monday! We had a late start to school today due to area flooding. This prompted a story about Noah and the flood from Anabelle this morning. A great reminder that when it rains, it pours, but it eventually stops and the sun shines on!

 My sticker- (Boo in honor of what my students would call their man:)

Uncle Smug's Sticker (Jon Douglas)
KK and Anabelle

 Babies! Babies! Babies!

Jack's transportation- "The Shoulders"

The Team Walking

Jeff and Stella Bogart

 Elizabeth and Stephen Wright Bogart
Jack had to take a detour to potty.

 KK and Jack
Grand John's Sticker

 Lining Up to Start Walking
 Jeff Bogart (The Bogarts are quite possibly the sweetest, most fun family on the planet)
 Katie Grace and I

Grand John and Robin (a.k.a. Uncle Bushy)

Uncle Bushy's Sticker


Anabelle's Sticker
Anabelle (My mini me:)



Russell and William

Stephen Wright

Jack's Sticker

Josh and Uncle Bushy


Anabelle and Brooklyn hanging out at the tent

Bea's Sticker

AND.... This is our Team!!

(Please note my friend Megan holding on to Jack. Seriously- he is a ninja:)

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