Friday, April 4, 2014

The Day Before Something...

I wonder how many times in my life I have been anxious/excited/worried about the day before something. Growing up, it was usually the day before school or the day before holidays. As I got older, it was before events. As an adult, I am still the same way.As I have aged, the day before's have changed- dates, graduations, weddings, births, even funerals. I still have the biggest emotions before holidays. The anticipation nearly kills me. If it were up to me, I would probably let the kids open every present at Christmas, because I can't wait to give the presents to them. Josh has always been great at being firm about waiting until Christmas Eve or whatever the occasion is to open gifts. Although, he is becoming a sucker about it. Anabelle has a way of talking him into her ideas. (As it should be... little girls are Daddy's girls. I don't think anyone can win the argument that they are not. )

Today is the day before the MS Walk Birmingham event. I just went and delivered t-shirts for our team to my niece and sister-in-law. And, for once, an orange and white UT Vols tent will fit into a color scheme in Alabama! We will set up our team tent in the morning to prepare for the day.

We have raised over $1,000 dollars in the past few weeks for the MS Society. I don't like to ask people for money. I came into this with mindset of donating time vs. money. The people who have donated time, money, or both, have truly humbled Josh and I, and at times, left us speechless.

Tomorrow will be fun. There will be bounce houses, face painting, animal petting, games, fellowship, food, and many more things to do that will be entertaining. I will get to spend time with friends I see a good bit and those that I don't get to see enough. I will meet a sweet baby for the first time and hold other kiddos that I feel like are my family. I will probably tell them... I knew you when you were in your mommy's belly. I know at some point I will look around and think about how there is no way I am 31 and that our friends (and us) have this many kids. My children will play with their friends, probably to the point of exhaustion which usually leads to a fall in the floor meltdown. Russell will probably poop 5 times because that is what babies do when you leave the house. I am sure he will add a throw up, too, because babies somehow know when you are not in the convenience of your home.

 I also know that at some point I will look over at Josh and my heart will break a little. My handsome, 34 year old, athletic husband, who is a happy go lucky guy, will be the reason I am standing in a park tomorrow wearing orange. He will look great, and he will feel great, but there is always the thought of- "Is this the day before something?"

The day we are presently experiencing will always be the day before something. It could be the day before a flare up or a relapse, but I choose to think it is the day before finding a cure. If I can look at each day  as the day before a research break through or a  found cure, then one day I will be able to say, "Today is the day before treatment, and tomorrow we will be cured."

Happy Friday-

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