Thursday, April 17, 2014

Minions, Minions, Minions

I am always amazed at how children can become hooked on a certain movie. They have no problem watching it over and over and over and over...

Jack is hooked on Minions. If you have never seen one, search for them on the internet. They are incredibly cute and funny. We literally watch Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 everyday. In fact, we often talk in minion language. No, you really can't understand it, but for some reason it works.

I have been thinking about how Jack now says things like... I don't take baths...minions don't take baths, and I am a minion. Minions don't eat that, or minions don't do that. It is kinda funny how he gets out of things by being a "minion."

Lately, I really wish I could say I am a minion and get out of doing things. Yesterday, I convinced myself that if I burned my planner my life would be much more happy. We could be free to do whatever, whenever. This week, our kids have dental appointments, appointments for shots, soccer, gymnastics, and the list goes on... I had several things after work, and Josh is super busy with his work. I know, I know- this is just the beginning. When Russell gets old enough to be "involved," we will be in a heap of trouble. I need to schedule a small procedure for myself that will require me to miss work for about 2 days. I can't even find a Thursday/Friday that will work. It is really ridiculous!

We are still going through the appeals process for Josh's medicine. We will also start a new appeal in probably the next 3 months for another med he is currently taking. (Tecfidera- originally denied by our insurance, but we were able to get it through MS Active Source.) The verdict is still out on the gel infusions. The good thing is... he feels great! I am really excited that for the most part he has felt great and had all of his energy.

I have two colleagues who are running the Chicago Marathon. The marathon raises money for MS research and funding. I have come up with the idea of a kickball tournament for the students at our school to help them fundraise for their race and donations. Another local school did this to raise money for MS. They brought in a whopping 10k! I am hoping to work on this durning the summer in order to do this at the beginning of school. I am hoping to get lots of people involved to make it a great event. The students seem excited. I am excited. Just hoping we can pull it off. One of the students said they would rather play dodgeball. It would be oh so fun but a nightmare!  The liability for events is crazy enough... You can't even play dodgeball in PE anymore!

Maybe one day I will not be a minion. My life will not be dictated by a schedule, and I will be free to enjoy whatever, whenever with Josh and the kiddos. Did you know we plan to buy an RV when we are older? I am hoping we buy a camper soon. I would love it. We could pull it behind the minivan... oh the memories we would make!

 That there's an RV:)

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