Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunshine and Soccer

Vitamin D... We need vitamin D and our family was able to soak it up this weekend! Saturday was super busy. It is amazing how our lives are dictated by a 5 year old's schedule. I volunteered at our church Saturday morning. When I came home, we checked out the neighborhood yard sale. Anabelle shopped our friends' stuff, and I inherited some of their goods. Anabelle was so sad they were selling some things, so Stephanie decided to give them to her. She is so proud of them. They don't really go with our decor, but oh well. :)

The kiddos' preschool held a spring fling on Saturday. They had bounce houses, games, and food. Anabelle and Jack really enjoyed themselves. One thing I have picked up on is the need for Easter Bunny costumes that aren't creepy enough for a scary movie. There has to be more legit costumes out there...

We came home after spring fling to change and load up for soccer. Poor Russ- everytime he tried to sleep, we had to load up to go somewhere else. I'll admit that I was skeptical about soccer. The last time Anabelle played she was great a practice but sat on the field and cried the whole time during the games. For her first game...she actually played! We were so proud. She did stop every minute and a half to grab ice from the cooler and put it on her face. At one point she dribbled the ball down the field in the wrong direction, but at least she showed good ball control:) At several points during the game, Jack decided to run on the field. I am pretty sure we spent more time entertaining him than we did watching soccer. I poured water on him to cool him down, and by the end, he looked like a mess.
After soccer, Jack crashed, but Anabelle and Russ held on strong. We were exhausted, but had a ton of fun.

The cat (Puddles) managed to get locked in the van for about an hour. I left the door open, and Josh came behind me a little while later and shut it. When we came out to go to the store, she shot out. Seriously could have been a disaster. She is crazy!! She tried to get in when we were heading to church, but Anabelle chased her out.

We finished Saturday with a concert from Anabelle. Tom and Steph came down, and Anabelle sang every song she knew. It was so funny, but we had to try to hide our laughing, because she was so serious.

Josh felt great this weekend. His eye is still bothering him a little in bright light, but sunglasses help that tremendously. We are still waiting on the appeal process for the gel infusions. Since it is being handled, I try not to worry about it. It is really out of our hands.

We will be attending a dinner for MS research and fundraising with our friends. David has been asked to be on the board of the Birmingham Chapter of the MS Society. We will be going in May. I am interested in what they have to say. Josh and I cracked up when David asked us to be their guests. I think the conversation went something like- hate to ask you to this, but well, it is for MS. It is really funny how some things can be a little awkward when it comes to talking about and dealing with someone's "illness."

Josh and I have also noticed that when talking to others about things that are going on with them, after talking about their problems they usually follow up with-" But why am I complaining? Look what you are going through." It kinda drives me crazy. EVERYONE has their own set of issues/problems/things they are dealing with, AND they are just as important and pressing as us dealing with MS. I always think it is kind of a low thing to pull the "MS card" on people when they are going through something. Everyone has their own battles to fight. One of our's is MS. It doesn't make their battle any more or any less.

I took some pictures this weekend. I have decided that if I get a serious, good picture... then great. If not, I will take the goofy pictures and just be fine with them:)

Ready for Soccer

He wanted me to take a picture of his sandwich (2 hamburger buns) and yes- he finished them all. Yuck!

Two peas in a pod.

Anabelle wants to be a nurse.

Taking care of Meredith

Hang Loose

Puddles- seriously crazy...

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