Friday, April 18, 2014

Kickball and Money...

I am so excited!! Everyone seems on board with the kickball tournament idea to raise money for MS. In fact, our school raises money every spring for cancer (relay for life), and now we might focus our fundraising efforts and time on raising money for MS in the fall! I am so pumped about this. We are starting to layout plans and put some things on paper in order to hopefully make this official.
Lately, I have been brainstorming ideas to raise money and educate the students on MS in general. I literally can't wait until this event happens!

This weekend is Easter. We get to play Easter Bunny... it is so much fun! Anabelle always remarks on how the Easter Bunny and Santa brings them way better things than mommy and daddy.
Easter means a lot more than just the bunny. I am amazed that someone would send their son to die for me. I am amazed that someone would die so that I can have the opportunity to go to Heaven. When you put yourself in those shoes, I just can't imagine...

Jack has decided he wants to wear a tie for Easter. He is so stinking cute in it, but he looks way too grown up. This will probably the last year for smocked dresses, too. Anabelle is really over the smocking and "little girl" dresses. I will keep trying until she puts up a fight, though:) Russell, well Russell is so big he struggles to fit into the cute, smocked bubbles and Easter outfits. Big kid problems...

Happy Friday! Happy Easter!

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