Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mating Calls and Dreams

Yesterday was a great day. The weather was beautiful. Anabelle had her first soccer practice. Josh took her and I stayed home with the little boys. We have tried soccer with Anabelle before. She was great at practice, but she just sat on the field and cried during the games. This year she is on a team with a friend who's dad is the coach. Josh said she did great for the first 20 minutes but checked out for the rest of the practice. They all play fun soccer games and at one point Anabelle asked when they were going to play princesses. I am sure the two little boys on the team were just thrilled at that idea:)

Russ has really discovered his voice. He is so loud... it truly hurts my ears when he uses it. Josh and I call it his mating call. He crawled forward once, but is still a backward kinda guy. He is really content to sit and play with toys so that is nice. I know the crawling non stop is coming so I am just trying to enjoy the sitting and playing.

Yesterday, Jack woke up and told Josh that he had been at a minion house. Josh was there, too, and drove Jack home on a tractor. Jack also told him that sissy and mommy were there playing on the swings. He told him that he couldn't remember the minion's names, though. I asked him about it when I got home. He told me he was going back tonight. Oh, the dreams of a 3 year old.

Only a few days until the Multiple Sclerosis walk... I went today and picked up some of the things I needed for the food. Josh and I are excited to meet and be around others who are going through this, too. One thing I have learned (and I hope others do, too), is that MS is not always visible. If you think about it, MS impacts the brain and the spine. MS is not always be something you can physically see. Many times, people don't understand that. They assume that if you look okay then you feel okay. While that might be the case for some, it is not always the case for others. I have met several people with MS who "looked and acted" as if they were perfect and did not have MS.

One thing I have been working on is Josh's stress level. We are taking steps in our every day life and in our planning to reduce as much stress as possible. Have some of the decisions that we have made offended some people? I think they have. However, my priorities have changed, and with that change comes decisions. If it means us skipping out on something or changing plans, then we do that. I am concerned with keeping Josh as stress free as possible and healthy.

We have a lot to do between now and Friday! I am hoping for the continued beautiful weather for the weekend. I can't wait to see our best friends' new baby, Layla! I think I might be the most excited about that! I can tell you that while I can't wait to see her, I will not have baby fever. Russell completed us:)

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