Wednesday, May 14, 2014

She Did It!

After 2 years of soccer...

I will admit, I almost missed it. Our biggest challenge at soccer is to keep Jack entertained. The baby still sits in a stroller, so he is pretty content. It rained yesterday, so I decided to keep Jack entertained by letting him jump in puddles at the soccer fields. You would have thought I gave him a million minions. He went full force. I was trying to keep an eye on him and the game. Through the fence I see one of the little boys on the team kick the ball. The ball sat right in front of Anabelle and the goal. It seemed like years went by when she finally kicked it in. Josh and I locked eyes across the field from each other. I am not sure you could have found 2 more proud parents there. She was a little shocked herself, but finally started jumping up and down when she realized what she did. I was super proud of her goal, but more proud of her hustle and 110%. And to think I almost stayed home because of the weather:)
Happy Boy in the Mud

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