Thursday, May 1, 2014

Saturday Fun Day

Well, I am doing it again. I am making plans. This time, I am still considering them in the "planning stages", though, because more than likely something will change.

We have a FREE Saturday. Yes, it is a miracle. My goal is to not clean or do laundry. If nothing changes, we will go to the pool all day. The kids are happy, I am happy, and Josh is happy. I am hoping nothing changes.

We have a parent-teacher conference today for Anabelle. This is a meeting to tell us what to work on and what she has mastered. We are gearing up for kindergarten, so I guess we should be ready for more of these in the future. We laughed the other night when we talked about it. Josh and I both said we know what is coming.... "Anabelle is so smart, but she really needs to work on listening, following directions, not talking when the teacher is talking, yada yada." These are things we know she needs to work on. We have convinced her to not rush through her work. She has realized that if she rushes, her work looks sloppy. Sloppy work really gets on her nerves, so the rushing through work has essentially stopped.

As far as Josh and his MS, he feels great. He came in the living room the other night to let me know he was "pink." He still experiences flushing and some stomach pain with the Tecfidera. The pain is not as intense and really doesn't bother him. The flushing just turns his skin really pink. I see it more in his ears. So far, he can always tell when the flushing is coming. We have always said that when I hit menopause he will have sympathy for me and understand what I am going through.

I follow several MS blogs. Most of them have a page for "their story." I have asked Josh to write his story so I can add it to the blog. I asked him last night, and he agreed. I just want to make this known so he can't back out on me:) I suggested he do this while I am in surgery and recovery, but he will complete it on his time, not mine. I think his story is so important. It shows that things like MS can impact anyone, no matter the age or physical health. It can hit a person at anytime, and often, it is somewhat "dormant" without showing any signs of taking up residency.

Josh had a meeting/show yesterday. When he came home, we relaxed on the sun room. We were talking about writing his story and him taking part in the blog. He said that when he was at the show, he had moments of wondering if people would be shocked if he told them he has MS. I mean, how often do we look at each other and the people around us and assume they are healthy? It really makes me wonder how many people I have encountered that might be "sick" or have something, and I really had no clue.

So, I am signing off to conquer the rest of the day. Three more classes, parent-teacher conference, dentist, gymnastics, baths, dinner, packing lunches and bottles, and finally sleep. Somewhere in there, I will put my hair back, hop into some pj's, and hopefully pee in peace. :) Friday will be great, Saturday will be great, and all of the days that follow will be great. I have decided, so that makes it true.:)


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