Monday, February 23, 2015

Winter Weather in the South... And Yes, I actually need milk!

We go through roughly 3 gallons of milk a week, which means 12 gallons a month. When Josh and I go to the store and ask each other what to get, I can almost guarantee you that milk will be the first thing said. (Or wine... depending on how the day is going:)

Why am I talking about milk? Most of you know, but some of you may not. I realize that I have people that read this blog who live all over the world. In the US, in the South, when the threat of winter weather is mentioned, Southerners feel the need to rush to the store and buy all of the milk and bread in sight. (Toilet paper, too!) Look, we don't get winter weather as often as others. I don't even think the town that I live in has a snow plow. Should we? Heck no. Good grief! Saturday I was wearing flip flops. I have gotten a sunburn in February before!! I feel that it would be a waste of resources. Last year I was stranded on the interstate and had to abandon my minivan to walk to a hotel. Driving on an inch of ice in a Honda Odyssey was not my forte'. After 3 days, the ice was gone. Back to 50 degree temperatures and thoughts of the 4 hour drive South to the beach.

After last year's forecast bust that basically shut down half of Alabama, people around here are cautious. Personally, I am glad and agree that we should be cautious. Schools are opening late, closing early, and closing completely.  I remember sitting at a  restaurant trying to get some food after walking about a mile from my van. People were trickling in and looking rather rundown. A couple who was traveling through asked where the closest place  was to buy chains for their car. Everyone just fell out laughing. They weren't trying to be mean, it was just that chains for snow are not the most common things for people in Central Alabama.

With all of this being said, I am going home to get ready. Kind of like doomsday prep people. Last time I was stuck, I did not have socks, scarf, hat, full tank of gas, blanket, or all of those things your parents and grandparents tell you to keep. I refuse to go down like that again. In fact, if it happens again this year, my best friend at work and I have a plan. I refuse to drive my new car in this and run the chance of a wreck, so we are booking a hotel room online, walking to the gas station for candy and "festive beverages", and we are having a mini vacation at a hotel. I have full confidence that Josh can get to our kids to get them. (It took him 8 hours to get to daycare and back last year.)

The only problem is... I actually need milk and bread!!!!! We are out. I am sure the people at the grocery store will think I am stocking up for the store. When really, I do need 3 gallons of milk and 2 loaves of bread. I am trying to feed three growing children! :)

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