Tuesday, February 3, 2015

To do the Walk or Not do the Walk... That is the Question.

Every week, I receive something from our local chapter of the MS Society. I am grateful for all they do, and I try to support them in any way I can. This past Christmas, we participated in MS Santa. What a humbling experience! Instead of shopping for toys for young ones, we shopped for clothes and household necessities for adults that are the age of our parents. They asked for things like towels and household cleaning items. Things that I buy and really do not think about. Anabelle asked why we were buying something for someone with MS when our Daddy has MS. I tried to explain that you give when you can because one day you may need something, and hopefully someone will share with you what you need. I like to get involved in ways like this. I think it is great and more personal that writing a check.

Josh has decided that he does not want to do the MS Walk. He said that he might do the walk with just the 5 of us, but has stressed that he really doesn't want to make a big deal out of it like we did last year. I don't argue. I respect his opinion and his wishes. He is a simple guy. No streamers or fireworks, just the simple kind who doesn't like the attention. We have talked about it a good bit. I think it is hard for Josh to see the many other people there who have MS. MS is different for everyone. Josh is pretty much fine as far as the physical aspect. Someone else his age at the walk might be in a wheel chair. Let's be honest. It is hard to see others whom are struggling more or have been hit harder than you have. You can't help but think- When will that be us? When will that be Josh? How long until the next bomb goes off on this MS journey?

The kids want to walk. I would be lying if I said it was solely because of the cause. I think they enjoyed the balloons and face painting. Jack also hit the refreshment table- A LOT. We were able to raise close to $1600.00 last year. I was overwhelmed with the support we received from family and friends. I feel guilty for not participating. For not showing up and supporting something that is so dear to my heart. The MS Walk is fun and uplifting, but it is also equally hard and tough to take in. I don't know. I guess it is hard to explain.

I think this year we will sit it out. I am hoping to give back equally, but I think we will give in a different way this year.

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