Friday, February 6, 2015

Interesting Read...

I read a blog called Wheelchair Kamikaze. I enjoy the read and all of the information that is presented. I found the post for today very interesting. There is also an older post that talks about a current scam that has happened with MS research. I really feel sad and hurt for those who were a part of it. I will admit that when Josh was diagnosed I developed a sense of desperation and urgency to try anything to fix him and make him better. In the South, people might refer to this as showing all of my "crazies". And believe me, everyone has all kinds of "crazies"!! Do I still feel that way? Every. Single. Day. of. my. life. I would do almost anything to "fix" him and make him free of MS. Eleven years of my life have been spent loving this boy and living a life with him. Who wouldn't feel like this? In the words of my mother who told me this every time I hurt or I was upset, "I wish that it were me. I wish that I could take it from you. I would."

We have had so many people tell us of studies and research and diets and lifestyles and connections we should make, but really, it is all deeper and most of the time: Scary! and frustrating that it seems on the surface. I have always been a little uneasy about charities and organizations that get so big that they lose the real meaning behind their purpose. I am not singling any one particular organization out, just generalizing.

Here is a link to Wheelchair Kamikaze's blog. He posted this today.

Happy Friday!


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