Thursday, March 20, 2014

I'm Sorry...

I'm sorry is a phrase that is either really easy to say or really hard to say.  Sometimes it is used lightly, and sometimes it is used in some pretty intense situations. In marriage and really in life in general, the art of saying I'm sorry and what it means is actually really complex.

The first words Josh said to me after his diagnosis were "I'm Sorry." I am pretty sure I looked at Josh like he was an idiot. Why was he apologizing? Who says they are sorry for being sick? Are you kidding me?  Being diagnosed with MS is something that is totally out of a person's control. Thinking about it now, I'm sorry is a little bit ironic. The things I really need Josh to say I'm sorry for are things like...
  • Sorry for leaving the toilet seat up, and the fact that you fall in the toilet at least once a week as a result of this.
  • Sorry for never unpacking my bags after business trips.
  • Sorry for falling asleep with a glass of red wine in my hand and waking up startled resulting in me drenching you with red wine at 3 in the morning. (True Story... Don't you feel sorry for me?)
  • Sorry for being grouchy when I wake up.
  • Sorry for leaving my work stuff scattered on the table.
  • Sorry for leaving empty glasses on the nightstand.
Even after reading this list, the things I want him to say he is sorry for are pretty pathetic. They are such minor things in life. AND truthfully, I might miss some of these things if he ever quit doing them. Although, he is free to stop doing these things just so I can test out what it is like. :)

On the MS front...
The eye washout has not completely gone away. Josh needs a steroid for his eyes to knock out the inflammation. Dr. Emily called in IV Infusion that can be done at home. Sounds dramatic, but it really isn't-just more of an inconvenience. Josh does an incredible amount of paperwork for his job. Really, I may never understand the amount of paperwork that he does. The IV is being done at home  which works out really well for him so he doesn't have to stop work. Just another perk of having a home office. He has to do 3 consecutive days of the steroid. We are hoping to get them started today and finish on Saturday. I laughed and told him maybe he will have a cute little nurse come out to set it up:). It amazes me how far technology and medicine has come. The fact that he can do this from home and it not have an impact on his work is truly amazing.

Back to the "I'm Sorry's"...

Our wedding was FUN. Like, so fun I didn't want to leave. In fact, when we left the reception the first time, no one was outside to see us leave. We had to do a redo and tell the band to stop playing music so everyone would come outside to see us hop in the limo to start our happily ever after. Our friends and family celebrated (maybe celebrated a little too much:), but the main part of our wedding was our vows. When I took those vows, I signed up for MS. I signed on the dotted line when I signed our marriage certificate. Did I know it at the time? No. When you are young and in love, you feel invincible. All you can imagine are picket fences, babies, puppies, and rainbows. (At least as a girl I imagined this. I would be interested to see what Josh imagined:) Would I do it all again and sign up for MS? Yep. And guess what? I. AM. NOT. SORRY. And guess what else? I will NEVER be sorry.

Happy Thursday! Only one more day until spring break...


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