Monday, March 24, 2014

Fun Weekend

We went to a teacher's wedding this weekend. It was so much fun. The wedding was in Liberty Park with the reception at Region's Park. The venue for the reception overlooked the baseball field. Their pictures were on the jumbo tron. Josh and I enjoyed ourselves. At one point, he and my friend Christie's husband had their phones propped up on the center pieces of our table watching the basketball games.

Josh finished IV infusions Saturday. Our Saturday nurse was a huge Tennessee fan. Small world! Really rare to find a person born and raised in Alabama pull for TN. His eye is much better. We are hoping it will go back to 100%, but with MS, you never know. I think the unknown of it all is the scariest part.

Today is beautiful outside. I am up with the little boys while Anabelle is still snoozing. I am hoping to spend some time outside before it turns colder. The kids have been watching the movie Frozen nonstop. I am not sure how much more of Frozen I can take:) Russell is scooting more...really he is spinning in circles on his belly. I am totally fine with this! I am not ready to baby proof again!

Happy Monday!


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