Thursday, June 5, 2014

Swim Nazi

Before anyone gets offended by the title, our swim teacher refers to herself as the "Swim Nazi." Well, actually "Swim Nazi, Jr." Her mother is the original, and their title comes from way back when the "soup Nazi" was popular on Seinfeld.

We signed Anabelle and Jack up for two weeks of lessons with the swim Nazi. Pricey? Yes. Worth it? Oh yes. Swimming is a survival skill that I think everyone should have. I witnessed this first hand when Nashville flooded. I saw our daycare teacher being rescued on a mattress because she couldn't swim. We decided to go full force with the swim Nazi.

Today marks the 4th day since they started. Jack is jumping in, coming up for a breath, then putting his head under water and swimming to the side. Anabelle is doing the same thing; she was able to do this after day 1. They encourage moms and dads not to stay, but let them know it is okay to hide in the bushes and watch. Today, Josh decided to stay and watch. He was pretty amazed at how well our kiddos did. Jack, when he is with us, is still convinced he is going to sink and stay at the bottom. Bless his heart-

Not much is going on in our household, which is nice. No snakes or other creatures to report on. Russell has started back to MDO, so I am planning on doing some fun things with the 2 big kids.

Josh is feeling pretty good. For that I am so thankful. The heat can be kind of hard on him which causes him to be tired. However, sometimes it is hard to distinguish between MS tiredness and 3 kids tiredness. I know the MS fatigue is brutal, so I am hoping this is more from 3 kids, swim lessons, and tons of stuff for work. I do think he has had experienced some minor spasticity in his foot, but it clears up once he is up and going. If this is all he has going on right now, then Praise God! I know of so many other people who deal with much worse each day. OR, he couldjust be getting old. (HeHe)

I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I hope the same is in store for you-

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